No. 55/I, Between 77th and 78th Streets, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay.

02-4060613, 02-4023714

Special Clinic

No. 22, Between 63rd and 64th Streets, Chanayetharzan Township, Mandalay.

02-4072289, 02-4030140

Collection Center

Statellite Lab

Accuracy, Timeliness, Expertise, Passion to Care

Greetings from Hope Health Care Co.,Ltd.

Ingyin Phyu Laboratory is one of the great investment of our company in Health sector since 2008.

IGP Laboratory is advanced molecular laboratory in Upper Myanmar.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become most trusted and quality service providing private clinic and laboratory in Myanmar Healthcare Service.

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We value on Quality service, Team, Mutual Understanding, Learning, and Customer satisfaction.

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